Museum at Night in the Botanic Garden

18 May, 21:00-23:30
During the Night of Museums in Warsaw come to the Botanic Garden of the University of Warsaw to experience the Overbloom: a reaction to the ongoing ecological disaster through music, visual and performative arts.

After In Bloom, a period of fullness and apparent harmony, the time has come for the Overbloom, a moment of revealing of the signs of decay, previously hidden under what is known and explainable. Overbloom is a loss of balance, a time of extremes and contradictions for the Earth: luxury and scarcity, flood and drought, over-exploitation and desertification of the planet, increased extraction and depletion of raw materials.

The sixth mass extinction is underway. The organisms that have inhabited the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, long before us, gradually disappear. This process is the high time to cross artificially raised boundaries and recognize our entanglemnet with other beings – a high time to express interspecific solidarity. The pursuit of continuous economic growth exploits terrestrial resources and degrades the environment, posing a threat to the entirety of life on Earth. We stand at the edge of the global climate disaster. Exploitation of the environment destroys ecosystems with their inhabitants, regardless of whether they have fins or rhizomes, whether they walk on two or twenty legs.

Overbloom in the Botanic Garden of the University of Warsaw is a manifestation of our solidarity with other species – with organisms whose resistance is not heard. During the Night of Museums, we express it through performative actions, visual arts, music and stories.

We invite you to:

✺ the conversations with endangered beings: inter-species living library, during which you can talk with, among others, an orangutan, a poisoned soil, the Bialowieza Primeval Forest or a three-toed woodpecker.

✺ the Temple of the Mother Nature, which will light up the organic visuals, surrounded by the sets by BAS (𝑳𝑶𝑻), PROGREFONIK and Synergia

✺ the Cemetery of Extinct Beings

✺ Mszak – inauguration of an Interspecies Community

✺ the concert by Sound in Space Orchestra – the culmination of sound and an exit from the Garden

✺ performances

The event is organized as part of this year's Night of Museums in Warsaw. Free admission.

Less than a year ago in the space of the Botanic Garden of the University of Warsaw the In Bloom was held, organized by the Krzak Collective and Synergia: The Overbloom is its natural continuum.