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We would like to invite you to join our Big Picnic! It is our new project dedicated to discussions and education about food. We want to share our experience and knowledge on how we eat and how we produce our food. Please join us through talking, reflecting and taking action around the food security and sovereignty!

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Big Picnic: Big Questions – Engaging the public with Responsible Research and Innovation on Food Security’  is a new European Union project on food security, funded of Horizon 2020, for three years period. It operates in 18 European institutions ans one African, coordinated by Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI). The Big Picnic is working with the public to open up the debate on the future of our food. The project aim is to encourage collaboration and conversation to build public understanding of food security issues and enable people to articulate their views to decision makers. Due to the international cooperation and engagement of various actors, representing different interests related to the food it is going to support local communities and find solutions that might be implemented. It offers various types of activities, participatory events, travelling exhibitions designed through joint creative collaboration in local context and science cafes.

Our Botanic Garden is one of the participating institution, hence it becomes responsible for the project realisation in Warsaw and its vicinity. We propose activities that will develop discussion on food sovereignty among public in Poland, hoping that it may be a beginning of important changes. Our actions directly depends on the effects of different types of co-creation workshops, conducted together with Warsaw citizens and our partners: consumers, researchers, activists, culture and art institutions, professionals from our Garden, University, commercial and agriculture sectors, NGOs, informal initiatives and other fields related to the food.

Although we are aware of the scale and varieties of the issue, we are trying to guide you along the most appealing and valuable paths, pointing to the amount of perspectives, relations and tastes. We believe that together we are able to understand our need and find the answers for the most bothering questions. Moreover, that we can create inspiring stories and exhibitions. We warmly invite you to share your ideas, opinions and stories and to join our creating team.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 710780.

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